The Rover (2014)

Jesse Eisenberg on Kristen Stewart [x]

Are we destined to d e s t r o y each other, or can we change who we are, and u n i t e


how to have a flat stomach

  1. remove all of your organs
Theo James and Shailene Woodley play The Newly-friend Game (x)

Shailene Woodley for BUST Magazine

I know how it feels to want to forget everything. I also know how it feels for someone you love to get killed for no reason, and to want to trade all your memories of them for just a moment’s peace. I didn’t know Will long, but he changed my life. He changed me. And I know Tris changed you even more. The person you became with her is worth being. If you swallow that serum, you’ll never be able to find your way back to him.

Lily Collins getting ready for the Met Gala 2013


get to know me meme: [1/10] current celebrity crushes → Theo James

"I know I often get a job because of how I look. I hope that I keep the job because of how I act."