coolest fucker ever

Hey there fucker, I’m Brittney, I’m 15, born and living in Melbourne, Australia.
birthday: 30th of May.

I basically like anything British with a dick. I’m completely obsessed with America and anything in it. Went to America on a holiday in June/July of 2013 and had the best time of my life. Some day I dream to move to California and start an acting career, bit of a stretch right? So I’ve been told.
I complain a lot about things I’m passionate about and rant sometimes. I don’t sip from the bullshit cup like some people do. I cannot live a day without music. I’m a fanfic and movie junkie which is why I’m always sexually frustrated and perv on everything.

I am completely and utterly in love with Kristen Stewart. She is my role model and who I aspire to be like. Robert Pattinson is the son of a bitch who stole my heart and ran away with it, chucking it down some damn well where no boy can claim it. Also why I have such high fucking expectations. I dream to have been born any where between the 70s to the 80s.

My music taste is basically all over the shop, which means that I can’t and won’t stick to one style of music. Below in ‘favorite bands/singers’ you’ll find the shit I listen to most. I also have a account so check that out and add me if you have one! I absolutely fucking love when somebody listens or likes the same bands as me. So feel free to inbox me with your love for any of my favorite bands and we’ll get along just fine.

I made this blog purely out of fun, just to share my likes and loves with others who understand and feel the same way. This blog is mainly made up of The Twilight Saga, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart but also of other things/people I like (TV shows, movies, people/celebrities etc.) I do not reblog anything I dislike.

I love dick but sometimes vagina takes all.


Concerts I’ve rocked at:

- Matchbox Twenty / INXS / Evermore (2012)
- Muse / Birds of Tokyo (2013)
- Vampire Weekend / Gang of Youths (2014)
- 30 Seconds to Mars / White Lies [I TOUCHED JARED LETO] (2014)

Upcoming concerts:

- Lorde (24/4/14)
- Arctic Monkeys (9/5/2014)
- Kanye West / Pusha T (9/9/2014)

  • currently reading: divergent
  • currently watching: elementary, hannibal, 2 broke girls, agents of sheild, the big bang theory, freaks and geeks, duck dynasty, awkward, sons of anarchy.
  • favorite bands/singers: muse, the vaccines, vampire weekend, the runaways, the black keys, the beatles, lana del rey, frank ocean, paramore, radiohead, alt-j, the smiths, nirvana, lou reed, kings of leon, coldplay, the clash, joy division, florence + the machine, david bowie, inxs, odd future, tyler the creator, led zeppelin, the xx, red hot chilli peppers.

"I am quite odd/different, but what is wrong with that?

I am proud for not fitting in any specific box.”