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- i’m know as a fanfic whore. fanfiction day and night. no regrets. i love fluff. i like plenty of angst with e/b apart or together. details are a must. dark and mysterious. assward, daddyward, vampward & shyward. lots of emotion. if you have any questions or recommendations just pop them here. Also let me know if my recs are any good. (in no particular order, all are complete/in progress)

AH - All Human.       AU - Alternate Universe.       OOC - Out Of Character.

Canon pairings/CP/CC - Relationship legitimately proven or highly supported throughout.       HEA - Happy Ever After.      College fluff - Sweet college love.


Remember Me/Welcome to the Rileys:

Here to Fall | Complete
Tyler/Allison aka Mallory Set in 2011, it’s been 3 years since Allison left New Orleans and she meets Tyler in a NYC bar. Both broken, can they keep what they might have found?
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance/Hurt/Comfort)


At Your Own Risk | Complete
Everyone at school knows the infamous, rebellious Bella Swan, even straight-laced Edward. But who is she really, apart from the rumors? Edward finds himself stumbling down a dark path trying to understand her. But in the end, will it be worth it?
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Angst/Drama)

A Rough Start | Outtakes | Complete
Overnight irresponsible Edward goes from bachelor to father of a 5 yr old. Meanwhile responsible, prepared Bella begins her first job as Kindergarten teacher at Forks Elementary. When irresponsible meets the epitome of responsible, sparks will fly!
(Rated; M - AH/AU/Daddyward; Angst/Romance)

My Perfect Mr Imperfect | Complete
Bella wanted Mr. Perfect, but he didn’t want her. When Mr. Imperfect comes along, can she look close enough to see just who is more perfect for her? A story about falling in love with the imperfections.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance/Drama)

These Days | Complete
Life threw me a curve, so I stayed behind. Seeing you now, with your long hair and big dreams, it’s hard to admit I’m not doing much these days…except thinking of you.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Hurt/Comfort/Romance)

Hit By Destiny | Outtakes | Complete (Ask for pdf)
Bella wants to die, and almost gets her wish fulfilled when she gets hit by a shiny Volvo. She is left with serious injuries, and the only thing keeping her from dying is the person who hit her.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Angst/Hurt/Comfort)

The Blessing and the Curse | Complete
By pretending she is falling for Edward, Bella is fulfilling Esme’s dying wish. But sexy, possessive Edward can read her mind. Will she ever get into his? Can Bella forget the pain of her teenage years, and can she resist his relentless seduction?
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Angst/Romance)

Game, Set, Match | Outtakes | Complete
Bella is hired as a photographer to do a photo feature on the cocky, playboy tennis pro Edward Cullen. Bella is determined to resist his charms, but Edward can’t seem to leave her alone. Does love really mean nothing in tennis?
(Rated; M - AH/AU/OCC/Tennisward; Romance/General)

The Long Walk Home | Outtakes | Complete
Broken by his experiences in the Civil War, Edward marches with Jasper and Emmett to Gettysburg. A stolen night’s sleep leads him to the girl he thinks could save him, but the battle rages on, and his duty could destroy them both.
(Rated; M - AH/AU/CP; Angst/Romance)

Tropic of Virgo | Complete
He’s a young but jaded musician writing lyrics for his band, and she’s a naive, frustrated poet looking to break out of her shell; their words collide online. What happens when they meet in high school, unaware of their literary connection?
(Rated; M - AH/AU; General)

Bella Swan: Kidnapper | Complete
Um. Hi. I don’t really know how to say this, but I have your kids with me, and I was thinking maybe you would like them back. So yeah… call me.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance/Humor)

When We Were Young | Complete
Edward and Bella have been friends since they were toddlers. When they grow older, will their friendship become something more? Stories from when they were little, through teen and adult years.
(Rated; T - AH/AU; Romance)

Hate Me | Outtakes | Complete
Awkward Bella only had a crush on one guy, known for stringing girls along. When he rejected Bella’s advances, her world flipped inside out. Years later, she’s now the female version of the catalyst that changed her life. And it’s her turn for payback.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance/Humor)

Kidnapped | Complete
Bella and Edward have grown up hating each other, much to the frustration of their parents. But when they are thrown together in a traumatic event, can they put aside their differences to survive and maybe even fall in love.
(Rated; M - AU/AH; Romance/Drama)

Code of Conduct | Outtakes | Complete
Disciplined Edward is hired as a bodyguard for Bella, a rebellious teen who is the police commissioner’s daughter. Their relationship develops to something they don’t expect, revealing inner demons for both.
(Rated; M - AH/AU/Bodyguardward; Drama/Romance)

★ Fridays at Noon | Outtakes | Once Upon a Saturday | Complete (PDF)
Edward Masen’s life intersects with Bella’s at the restaurant he dines at for lunch every Friday. He’s handsome, arrogant, and is used to avoiding love. She isn’t impressed by the things that usually have women falling at his feet.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance/Angst)

★ Solace(REMOVED)
Haunted by her past, Bella finds peace through writing. Jaded by his privileged upbringing, Edward finds comfort through music. Can they wrestle their personal demons and find solace in each other?
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance/Hurt/Comfort)

A World Without Sound | Edward’s Fight | Complete
My name is Bella Swan; good at sign language and karate. My best friend is deaf, and you know what? It doesn’t matter.
(Rated; M - AH/AU/Deafward; Romance/Friendship)

Summer of my Soldier | Complete
It is the year 1939, and life is perfect for the newly wedded Edward and Bella. Too perfect. When World War II breaks out and a draft calls Edward into duty, their lives are shattered. What will Bella do when Edward’s letters suddenly come to an end?
(Rated; T - AH/AU; Drama/Romance)

Wrenfield Hall | Complete
In 1870s England, Bella finds herself without home or family when her father dies. She secures a position as a housemaid in a country manor belonging to Lord Edward Masen. The two form a bond that is threatened by class differences and Edward’s past.
(Rated; T - AH/AU; Romance/Hurt/Comfort)

The Vampire in the Basement | Complete
While hunting one afternoon, the boys stumble upon what appears to be a corpse. When they learn it’s a severely broken vampire, they take him home to do what they can to help. But of course, fate has plans for this man.
(Rated; M - CC/AU/Vampires; Hurt/Comfort/Romance)

Written in the Stars | Complete
Edward is king of a dying race, his planet torn by civil war. Bella is abducted to become his bride. From college student to Queen… Can she learn to love this strange man and help save his people?
(Rated; M - AU/OOC; Romance/Sci-Fi)

★ Forgettable | Complete (REMOVED)
At 15, I kissed my first crush. At 17, we had sex. Now I’m 19 & passionately in love with him while he & everyone else still thinks I’m an untouched virgin. But he’s just moved into my apartment with me, so perhaps there’s hope for us yet.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Hurt/Comfort/Romance)

Taking one for the Team | Complete
Bella is madly in love with her boss Edward Cullen – little does she know that he feels the same. When a lucrative contract which he desperately needs lands in his lap – Just how far will she go to make sure he secures it?
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance/Humor)

★ The Demons in My Dreams | Complete (REMOVED)
27 y.o. social worker Bella Swan has seen her fair share of troubled souls, but nothing like Edward Cullen, part owner & manager of The Cullen House Group Home. Will he allow her into his life? And can she survive the demons that haunt him?
(Rated; M - OCC/AH/AU; Hurt/Comfort/Drama)

★ Between Dusk and the End of Summer | Not Complete (REMOVED)
Edward meets Bella in the most unexpected places, a blood drive. When love starts to bloom and flow through their veins, Edward can’t help but fall in love with Bella, despite the fact she is hiding something very big from him. Can their love last?
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance/Angst)

Rosebud | In progress
Millionaire Edward fell quickly for small town Bella, and their dreamy romance soon led to wedding bells. When their new marriage is about to fall apart, Bella goes missing. Edward is determined to search for her, but does Bella want to be found?
(Rated; M - AU/AH; Romance/Mystery)

The Red Line | Coloring Outside the Lines | Complete
Edward is an exotic male dancer. Bella is a college student studying psychology and needs a subject to do her thesis on. Bella pays Edward to belong to her for 2 weeks so she can study him. Things soon get very interesting between them.
(Rated; M - AH/AU/Daddyward; Romance/Hurt/Comfort)

★ Stripped | Not Complete (REMOVED)
The night Edward and Bella meet, is already off to a unconventional start. At Eclipse, the strip club she works at. Will Edward be able to help Bella from her demons. Or will he be too late to save her.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Hurt/Comfort/Romance)

The Slowest Burn | In progress
He took my underwear, hung them from his back pocket, then said, “These are mine.”
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance/Drama)

My Mistakes Were Made For You | In progress
He’s a married man regretting everything he once thought was right. She comes into his life turning regret into gratitude. “Bella, every mistake I’ve ever made led me to you.”
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance/Drama)

Rising Dream, Fallen Star | In progress
He was the lead singer of The Volturi. I was a new musician with everything to prove. We were Hollywood’s It couple. Until he ruined everything. Can our love be saved if he can’t save himself? A story about love, lemons, lies, and learning to forgive.
(Rated; M - AH/AU/Famousward; Romance/Angst)

The Perfect Space | In progress
At 16 years old, Bella & Edward had fallen victim to a kidnapping. Since returning home, they find their only solace in each other. As Edward becomes overcome with the need to protect her from any further harm, she begins to need him in more ways than one.
(Rated; M - AH; Hurt/Comfort/Romance)

Through His Eyes | In progress
Carlisle’s moved to Forks in hopes of taming Edward’s ways. But it seems it will take more than a new town to help Edward deal with the horrors of his past. Edward is weary of getting close to people but will Bella change that for Edward?
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Hurt/Comfort/Angst)

★ Master of the Universe | Master of the Universe II | (Ask for pdfs)
Bella Swan is drafted in to interview the reclusive enigmatic Edward Cullen, multi-millionaire CEO of his company. It’s an encounter that will change her life irrevocably, leading her to dark realms of desire.
(Rated; M - AH/AU/SM; Angst/Romance)

★ Just Wait | (Ask for pdf)
In a world saturated by vices, Bella is forced to move in with her father to avoid the repercussions of her past deeds. But after she meets the socially withdrawn adopted son of the town’s doctor, will she allow herself to open up and heal?
(Rated; M - AH/AU/Stutterward; Hurt/Comfort/ANGSTx10)

Baby Baby! | Complete
Bella and Edward get an unexpected surprise but Bella keeps it a secret. Will she tell Edward? And if she does tell him what will happen next?
(Rated; T - AH/AU; Drama)

Pandora’s Email | Complete
According to the legend, once Pandora’s box was opened and all the evils were released upon the world only one thing remained…hope. Bella’s life is without hope right now and with one email she gains that back.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Drama/Romance)

★ Pistols and Petticoats | (Ask for pdf)
In a drunken gamble by her father, Bella finds her future wagered to town loner, Edward Cullen. But with stakes this high, how much will Bella lose, or will chance be on her side?
(Rated; M - AH/AU/Cowboyward; Romance)

Washed Up | In progress
She washed up along the river near his secluded log cabin with no memories. He couldn’t just leave her to fend for herself, could he?
(Rated; M - AH/AU/Assward; Hurt/Comfort/Romance)

Love The Way You Lie | Complete
A continuation of Robicorn’s one shot. Follow Edward and Bella along their path of destruction, will their anger and rage consume them? Can they make it out of this relationship alive?
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Angst/Romance)

The Cure | In progress
It has been said before but my one testament for the world is that it never be underestimated or understated - Please, if nothing else in your life, understand - Love conquers all.
(Rated; M - AU; Romance/Supernatural)

I Want You To Want Me | In progress
'Mr Popular' Edward Cullen, and 'The Freak' Isabella Swan, just got dumped by their first loves. Now they must work together to make their ex's realize what their missing out on. Pretending to fall in love, will they truly develop feelings for each other?
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance/Humor)

★ My Ride Home | Not complete (Ask for pdf)
Girl feels betrayed by the world and the people in it. Boy is just sick and tired of following orders. Everybody has secrets. Everybody needs a ride home.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Drama/Romance)

Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers | In progress
What happens when you cause the ultimate betrayal? Family loyalties are tested when Emmett asks his brother Edward to watch out for his girlfriend Bella when he enlists in the Marines. This is the story of the games that play us.
(Rated; M - AH; Family/Angst)

The Better Angels of our Nature | Complete
Bella is a powerful telekinetic, escaped from a government research facility. With her is Edward, her guardian angel, sent to earth to protect her. Can they find safety? Can Bella love this extraordinary creature?
(Rated; M - OOC/AU; Romance/Supernatural)

The Selkie Wife | Complete
Set during the reign of “Bloody Mary” Tudor. Bella is captured by Edward to raise his daughter. He promises to release her one day, but will he? Court intrigues and danger around every corner. Can they, and their new-found love, survive?
(Rated; M - OOC/AU; Romance/Supernatural)

The Honeymoons Over | Complete
What happens when the honeymoons over and you have to start dealing with life? Edward and Bella learn that being married isn’t always easy and crazy MIL’s dont just go away.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance/Humor)

Blood Lines | Complete
With just weeks to go before the wedding, Edward reveals a secret from his human life which leaves Bella shocked and wondering just how well she knows the man she is about to marry.
(Rated; M - Vampires/Daddyward; - Romance)

★ Blind | Pieces of Time | Complete (REMOVED)
Disability doesn’t mean you’re not able. Can Edward get over his disability and himself to find true happiness with someone who cares deeply for him. Will he do anything to become whole for her?
(Rated; M - AU/OOC/Blindward; Romance/Drama)

★ Dustland Fairytale | Complete (REMOVED)
Love wasn’t a thing that existed in the Dustland, and it wasn’t exactly something I deserved. That’s the thing about fairytales: they’re unbelievable. So, when my slick, leather wearing prince drove straight through town and into my heart, I knew…
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Hurt/Comfort/Angst)

Menage A Trois | Complete
Edward struggles to find a suitable birthday gift for Bella, until Edward discovers his chance to help her live out one of her fantasies!
(Rated; M - AH/AU/Only sex; Romance)

★ Mark of Beauty | Complete (REMOVED)
Everything comes with a price.
(Rated; M - AU/Vampires; Supernatural/Romance)

★ The Extraordinary Dream | Complete (REMOVED)
Bella, suspended between what is real and fantasy, decides to face the man that has haunted her every moment, marine biologist, Edward Cullen.
(Rated; M - AU/Tentacleward; Fantasy/Romance)

Some Say in Ice | Complete
An asteroid strike has caused the end of life as we know it. Bella and Edward struggle to survive in a world of perpetual icy twilight as society breaks down around them.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Drama/Sci-Fi)

★ Inked Visions | Complete (REMOVED)
He’s never asked for anything. They have a roof over their head and manage to stay one step ahead of the law. But now, after seeing her, he’s about to ask for something. He knows it will be the last thing he ever asks for.
(Rated; M - AU/AH; Romance/Suspense)

Savior | Complete
"I’m not Bella Swan any more. That girl died alone, in the woods, shortly after my eighteenth birthday. I am Death, and Death wears Christian Louboutins."
(Rated; M - OOC/AU/Vampires; Horror/Supernatural)

★ The Mail Order Bride | Bear Valley Ranch | Complete (REMOVED) 
It’s the late 1800s in the wild west. A lonely man seeks companionship; a woman restricted by convention seeks a future. Add those together and what do you get?
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance/Western)

Metal Pointe | Complete
PunkRockward and Ballerinella have known each other their whole lives, they want to love each other but many twists, turns and bad decisions stand between them. Is love enough?
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Angst/Romance)

Dusty | Complete
She loves him. He loves her crazy. She’s a hopeless romantic. He’s just hopeless. She’s afraid to let go. He won’t let her. A story about a silly girl in love with a foolish boy. Here, forever is a lie.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; ANGSTx10/Romance)

Expectations and Other Moving Pieces | No Children | In progress
Everything I had done in my life seemed to lead up to this moment. The moment when I found myself bound inextricably to a man I didn’t love, trapped in a life I didn’t want. And if I left him, I would be entirely alone.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; ANGSTx10/Romance)

The Ex Factor : Edward & Bella | Complete
Edward & Bella are exes. 4 years later, fate gives them a new hand by reuniting them together in their father’s joint cabin, with the assistance of their clashing friends. How will it end? Hmm.
(Rated; M - AH/AU/OCC/CC; Angst/Romance)

Pinky Swear | Complete
Bella always knew she loved her best friend, but it isn’t until she finds out he’s engaged that she remembers just how much. How far will she go to make him see he’s marrying the wrong woman? A story about finding your heart and losing your head.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Friendship/Romance)

The Screamers | Outtakes | Complete
Street kid. Rockstar. Worlds apart and yet so similar. Sometimes fate throws people together for a reason, and sometimes two people that rub each other the wrong way make the best sparks.
(Rated; M - AH/AU/Famousward; Humor/Romance)

Fault | Complete
An awful event in junior high leaves Bella adrift and alone. Years later, she begins to recover with the help of both a repentant Edward and her new friend, James. Things begin to look up, but is everything as it seems?
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance/Angst)

Between the Covers | Complete
Every day a different book. Every book a different message. As Bella deliberately works her way through the library, will Edward be able to read between the covers?
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance/Humor)

High Fidelity | Complete
Damaged Edward, damaged Bella. Two sides of the same scarred coin. When one side is up, the other is down. Language and lots of it. Lemons eventually. It’s a slow burn, slow and painful. Mature. Lots of random pop culture references.
(Rated; M - AU/AH; Romance/Angst)

Melt | In progress
An old soul, a hard past, and a very, very small town.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance/Angst)

Caged | Complete
This is not made for TV. This is the raw, brutal underground of no-holds-barred combat. Inside the cage there is nothing but me and the pain I inflict on those who dare enter. In the cage, I never had to worry about anyone but myself. When she started standing outside of it, everything changed. I was no longer fighting for the money or the glory – I had to fight for her.
(Rated; M - AH/AU/Fighterward; Drama/Romance)

Sleep On The Floor | Complete
He steals my coffee first, my virginity second and my heart third.
(Rated; M - AH/AU/College fluff; Humor/Romance)

Every Other Weekend | Complete
Every other weekend I deliver my children to their father, I watch as they drive away. I hate to see them go, especially their father…how do I tell the man I left, the man I divorced that I still love him? How do I live seeing him for a few minutes every other weekend?
(Rated; M - AH/AU/Daddyward; Angst/Romance)

★ Let’s Get Physical | Complete (REMOVED)
The Goal: Lose 70lbs. The Prize: One steamy night with her personal trainer. When overweight Bella is left by her husband, she is determined to lose weight with the help of Edward Masen. What starts off as payback ends up as so much more.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance/Drama)

★ Two Lines | Not Complete (Ask for pdf)
The psychic told me that my love line was longer than my life line. How was that even possible?
(Rated; M - AU/Vampires; Angst/Romance)

The Affair | Complete
After the death of her father, Isabella Swan moves to the East coast where she meets dentist Edward Cullen. He’s older, a father, and married. Sometimes, you can’t tell your heart who to love.
(Rated; M - AH/AU/Olderward; Romance/Drama)

The Heir and the Spare | In Progress
My sister keeps telling me the media is way too hard on Prince Edward—that he isn’t an arrogant, self-entitled bastard and I’d like him if I got to know him. Right. The more time I spend with His Royal Heinous, the more I want him to leave me alone. But he won’t, and since the tabloids already think I’m sleeping with him, he might as well kiss me.
(Rated; M - AH/AU/Princeward; Romance/Humor)

Convince me I love you | In progress
Bella is lesbian. At least she thinks so until handsome and Greek god Edward Cullen crosses her path. Can he convince her of his “qualities” or will she turn him down before he can fan the flames?
(Rated; M - AH/AU/Femslash; Romance/Drama)

En Pointe | In Progress
The treaty left Bella his slave, but serving a vampire who demands perfection is a challenge.
(Rated; M - AU/Darkward/Vampward; Angst/Drama)

★ Under the Apple Tree | (Ask for pdf)
Love that hurts can sometimes heal. Ever wish you could go back and change something you did in life? Bella does.
(Rated; M - AU/AH/Doctorward; Angst/Drama)

Claire De Lune | Pas de Trois | Complete
Edward Masen is the star of a top Dance Academy. Bella Swan is just the first year new girl who Edward teaches for partnering. But as an unfathomable connection emerges in the moonlit ballet studio, Edward and Bella become the breathtaking, beautiful combination of skill and passion. How can this work, though, when Edward refuses to acknowledge their dance had ever happened?
(Rated; T - AU/AH/Danceward; Romance/Drama)

Words with Friends | Words with Strangers | Complete
Bella Swan has a major crush on a major star, Edward Cullen. They have an obsession with the same game. Can they connect through Words with Friends and become more than that?
(Rated; M - AH/AU/Famousward; Romance/Humor)

Rise | Complete
Bella is a bad boy’s girl, living a life she no longer wants. She’s trapped, until one of the things that keeps her confined - her bodyguard - becomes the very thing that could set her free.
(Rated; M - AH/AU/Mafia; Drama/Romance)

Indecent Proposal | Complete
Edward’s heart was broken by the girl he’s loved for almost a decade. Drifter Bella wanders into Forks aimlessly one hot summer day. When their paths cross, he proposes a scheme to get them both their deepest desires. But things aren’t always as they seem & Fate can have other plans.
(Rated; M - AH/AU/Doctorward; Romance/Drama)

Curtains | Complete
Sometimes, no matter how much you love someone, they won’t love you back. Or maybe they just can’t… right now.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Angst/Romance)

How to Paint a House | In progress
Bella Swan is a naive fifteen year old, set to spend another kiss-less summer alone. Edward is new to town, and doesn’t know a soul. Watch an unlikely friendship blossom over the simple task of painting a house. But for these two, nothing is simple.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance/Angst)

The Sure Thing | Complete
Edward Cullen has a date with destiny, and Bella Swan needs a ride home. Problem? These two can’t stand each other. See what happens as they make the long trek from Dartmouth to Forks, while Edward is in hot pursuit of his Sure Thing.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Humor/Romance)

If We Ever Meet Again | Complete
High School for geeky Edward was a nightmare of mistakes, missed opportunities & insecurity issues. Six years later when fate hands him a second chance, will he know how to take it? Or will the insecure boy inside rear his head again?
(Rated; M - AH/AU/CP; Romance/Angst)

Embrace | Complete
Edward and Bella are neighbors, but they really can’t stand one another.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance/Humor)

★ Just Call Me Bella | Not Complete (REMOVED)
To work her way through college, Bella Swan takes a job as a phone sex operator. One night an upset, drunk man calls. When he keeps calling, night after night, she starts to grow attached. Soon she has to decide: is he worth breaking the golden rule?
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance)

Incubus: a sex demon that visits women in the deep dark of the night. Edward relies on his special gifts to consume his prey. What happens when he meets the one woman immune to his unique abilities?
(Rated; M - AU/Demonward; Romance/Angst) (NOT A HEA)

Royal Rebellions | Royal Encounters | Complete
Bella Swan is no stranger to hard work, but everything changes when she is forced to work in Cullen Manor, the home of America’s royal family. Her encounters with a certain prince cause her to wonder if the rules are worth following.
(Rated; M - AH/AU/Princeward; Romance/Humor)

Subject: Edward Cullen, aka The Womanizer | Complete
Edward’s family hire Bella Swan to break the heartbreaker’s heart in hopes to have him see the error of his womanizing ways. But she falls hard, too, at the risk of breaking her own heart when the truth is revealed.
(Rated; M - AH/AU/OCC; Romance/Drama)

Cracks in the Pavement | Complete
Life is never perfect, the cracks always appear. “My Polaroid would show the face of a girl who has forgotten how to truly smile.” Even the strongest of dreams can fail to become enough.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; ANGSTx10000/Romance)

The Hive: | Complete
Bella is the chosen queen of a hidden community thriving while the world around them crumbles. Edward is an outsider looking for salvation. Their connection is instant. The passion intense. Can they find what they need in each other?
(Rated; M - AH/AU/Sex god; Supernatural/Romance)

The Twelve Days of Christmas | Complete
On Christmas Eve, Edward Masen meets his girlfriend Rosalie’s younger sister. The twelve days of Christmas will sure be interesting.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance/Family)

★ Boy in the Red Sweater | Girl with the Red Notebook | Outtakes | Complete (REMOVED)
Laced in silence and bound by his black web of a backpack, the new boy dressed in the faded red pullover is driving Bella insane with curiosity. Don’t judge a boy by his sweater.
(Rated; M - AH/AU/Shyward; Romance/Angst)

The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful | Le Bon, le Mauvais, et la Belle | Complete
Bella has always been the odd one out, never having many friends. College life could turn that all around. But her friendship with Edward Cullen might not be exactly what it seems. Does the shy, sweet Edward have a secret?
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Drama/Mystery) 

The Wish | Complete
All Bella wants is someone to love her. She wishes on a shooting star and the star has one week to grant her the wish. But what if Bella doesn’t want the wish anymore and would rather have the star?
(Rated; M - AU/Starward; Romance/Fantasy) 

Piano Man | Complete
Shy researcher Bella Swan is coerced by her best friend Jacob Black to spend a night in a gay bar checking out the new piano player, Edward Cullen. Can Bella find the way to Edward’s heart by bringing him a tasty apple pie?
(Rated; M - AU/AH; Romance)

Satellite | Complete (Proceed with caution; emotional nut-kicking within)
Edward has loved Bella since the first time he saw her in the seventh grade. He always thought they’d be together forever.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; ANGSTx100/Tragedy)

★ Second Kisses a Christmas Tale | Complete
A new spin on a classic tale. It’s Christmas Eve, and Bella is working. An unexpected fall and three ghosts help Bella realize the meaning of the holiday and true love.
(Rated; T - AH/AU; Romance/Friendship)

Prints Charming | Complete
Both aspiring photographers, Bella and Edward had quickly become best friends. She fell in love with him. He didn’t feel the same… at the time.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Hurt/Comfort/Romance)

Be Mine | Complete
Bella Swan is very anti-Valentine’s Day, but what happens when a secret admirer is persistent in making her his? It’s going to be a day that she’ll never forget.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Humor/Romance)

Fixation | Complete
Edward has a dirty secret. Bella is invisible. One strange day brings them together.
(Rated; M - AH/AU)

Offside | Complete
Edward’s the star keeper for the Forks High School soccer team, and is already being scouted by leagues overseas. Bella’s just moved from Phoenix and interferes with his…focus.
(Rated; M - AH/AU/Soccerward; Angst/Drama)

How My Life was Ruined in 14 Days | Complete
Bella has a plan. It’s a detailed plan for her whole life. But in her quest for perfection, she has skipped certain high school experiences. With graduation fast approaching, Bella concocts a new plan – a plan to lose her virginity.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance/Humor)

The Maybe Valentine | Complete
Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans. Edward and Bella cross paths one Valentine’s Day night when their dates leave them hanging. Long walks, lots of talks, and maybe some kissing.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance)

Christmas Stalkings | Complete
The lives of two strangers intersect in one packed mall on a very magical Christmas Eve.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance/Humor)

The Cullen Legacy | Complete
Legacy - A gift; sometimes unknowingly bestowed. Bella met Edward in a London pub, never imagining where each would be 7 years later: he a Congressman fueled by ever-growing political ambition, she the woman with an explosive secret that can end all his dreams. But Bella might soon find that revenge isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and that Edward may harbor his own dark secrets.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance/Hurt/Comfort)

Terms and Conditions Apply | Complete
There’s only one person on this earth that Edward Cullen hates, and that’s his boss…Bella Swan. She’s cold. She’s ruthless and incapable of human emotion, and to Edward’s greatest frustration, the hottest woman walking the face of the planet.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance/Humor)

Hide & Seek | In progress
The night their lives were set to start was the night it all came to an abrupt end. Five simple words, “Let’s play hide and seek”, sparked a manhunt for Isabella Swan that has haunted Edward Cullen ever since. Back in Forks for the first time in over a decade, he has to face reality: he lost his soul mate. Is it too late to find her?
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Angst/Hurt/Comfort)

Own | Complete
When you’re meant to be in someone’s life, fate has ways of placing you where you need to be. Bella and Edward save each other in more ways than one.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance/Drama)

Nobody’s Little Girl | Complete
A billionaire couple searches for their long lost daughter. A lonely, troubled young man finds and gives refuge to a homeless girl with no name. Paths are crossed and hearts are given, but you can’t keep what was never yours.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Angst/Hurt/Comfort)

An Undefined Affair | Complete
Bella, recovering from a broken heart, meets Edward, who isolates himself emotionally. Their attraction is immediate, but can they be friends and lovers - without the love?
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance)

You Were Supposed to Stay in Vegas | In progress
It’s fifteen days until the beginning of Bella’s happily ever after. But betrayal from the person Bella trusts the most causes her to do things she never expected. Meeting Mr. Green Eyes was never part of the plan, but then again nothing that has happened so far has been. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right?
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance)

Rescission | In progress
We met. We got off. We went home. We weren’t lovers. We weren’t even friends. We were f- buddies. It worked… Until it didn’t.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance/Drama)

The Invisible Line | In progress
Edward and Bella, friends since high school, are very close. So close, that the line between friendship and something more is often blurred. Will they ever cross the line or will they always teeter on the edge of what could be?
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance/Humor)

A Letter to My Husband | Complete
Well, they’re married. So why isn’t it everything wonderful?
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance)

the bitter, the sweet | In progress
Bella’s 24. She’s got a career she loves, close family & friends, and a little girl she loves more than anything. She doesn’t need anything more, but sometimes she sure wants it, and when Edward shows up he’ll either upset the balance or make everything sweeter.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Drama/Romance)

Sideline Collision | Complete
A cocky QB runs into a snarky band geek. What happens when they collide on and off the field?
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance/Humor)

Head over Feet | Complete
It’s simple, really. A story about two best friends realizing they’re head over feet in love.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance/Humor)

Bear Creek Road | Complete
He smelled nice, I noticed, not that I was blatantly breathing him in, even though I totally was – blatantly. All soap and sawdust from a slab of freshly cut lumber. All man.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance/Angst)

Firefly in Summer | Firefly Rarities, Explanations & Other Little Gems | CompleteEdward finds himself back in the little beach town of his childhood when he inherits the local bar from his uncle. The elusive, pretty girl next door has killer legs, a sketchbook and secrets that are slowly eating her alive.
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Angst/Romance)

Yes | Complete
"He talks to me sometimes. I mean, it’s usually sort of one-sided, but… every once in a while, he’ll make eye contact with me, and I feel like I’ve won the lottery or something."
(Rated; M - AH/AU; Romance)

Dark Paradise | Gods and Monsters | Complete
He’s cruel, unfeeling, and a monster. She wants to know why, and all he wants is her.
(Rated; M - AH/AUx10000; Suspense/Crime)