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My SWATH Premiere

Sorry for making everybody wait, I was going to do this when I got home but I was just so damn tired that nothing was working. But here is my full report on what happened at the SWATH premiere! It’s a long ass read, but I think it’s worth it.

We flew from Melbourne to Sydney for the premiere. We got to the shopping center around 9:30am and was but there a lot of bullshit bc nobody had idea what was going on, security was fucking retards and had no idea either. We meet these two girls that said they’d been given wrist bands just like us to line up be hide that media. BE HIDE THE MEDIA? I’M SORRY BUT I’M NOT FUCKING STANDING FOR 9 HOURS TO SEE KRISTEN BE HIDE THE MEDIAS HEADS THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

So they also told us they’d been up stairs and there was a carpet and barracks but security had said that there wasn’t anything happening up there, they were just gonna walk past to get into the cinema and present the film and then get outta there. I’m sorry bitch, they are not going to set up a whole fucking carpet and gates for nothing.

Then we just chilled out there for 9 hours. Yes, 9 fucking hours for Kristen and Chris. I didn’t eat anything, I was just a nervous wreck and freaking out about my cloths bc there were rumors going around that the people that brought tickets to the movie would walk the carpet then do a meet and greet with the actors so my mother went and brought a leather jacket for me. I know, crazy right? I was just wearing Kristen’s 'music folk' t-shirt, some ugly ass jeans and a pair of converses. Bc I woke up at fucking 5am to caught the plane I had no make up on looked like I’d just woken up. I looked fucking ridiculous. 

So when 6am hit I started to freak out, people were screaming downstairs and nobody was there yet. My feet and back were fucking aching from standing up for so damn long. So around 6:30 Rupert, Kristen and Chris had arrived but before that the V.I.P started to roll in. We had all thought this little area was for close family and friends oh but were we fucking wrong. Massive ass groups of people with ‘V.I.P’ passes started to turn up. The amount of people coming down the carpet was fucking ridiculous. There was just more and more people coming and I was just over it by the time Kristen and Chris were doing interviews. I just wanted to see SWATH and then get the fuck outta there and get home but when Kristen was finally up to where we were I started to hyperventilate and couldn’t breath. Rupert had just walked past all of us, he really didn’t look too happy. Next was Kristen and I was just… starstruck, I guess you could say.

She was just so damn beautiful, her hair was done up in a braid and then pinned to the back/top of her head, as you’ve probably all seen already. Her dress, well top and shirt was just fucking amazing. Security had come past earlier telling us to put all of our pens and sharpies away bc Kristen and Chris would have there own and that Kristen was wearing a million dollar dress. I couldn’t breath while she was only meters away from me. I was so damn emotion, and security was crazy. When Kristen was near us, she turned the other way and was signing for the V.I.P and I was just screaming ‘KRISTEN’ and ‘WE’VE BEEN HERE FOR 9 HOURS’ I was just going crazy and then she finally came up to me and I couldn’t speak. Her shoulders are just covered in huge cute ass freckles, her make-up was amazing and too beautiful for words. She came up to me and signed and I was just like ‘Kristen, can we take a pictures?” and she was like ‘Yeah, for sure!’ she kinda moved down the line and then came back up to me for a picture, then singed my poster again! She just kept looking at me and I had no idea what to say, then she just looked down at my shirt and said ‘Hey, I have that shirt!’ and I just lost it, I didn’t even remember what I said to her or what she said until on of my friends told me. My mother was just taking pictures and said to me after that she didn’t really smile until she came up to me and saw my shirt, and that she just was looking at me the whole time while signing for others and when she was in front of me I felt like I could just stand there forever and talk to her! My mother just said that she felt, as just watching that there was a connection between us. I know all of you are probably thinking ‘bitch, please. I’ve met/or when i met Kristen it’s gonna be the same’ but that’s just how it was for me, and with that in mind my mother also hates Kristen so she’s not just gonna come up with that shirt to make me happy, ya know?

Did I mention how small she is?! Omfg, she’s tiny! Like srsly, I knew she was pretty small but man, you look at her and your mind just screams ‘don’t break her!’ Like I said on twitter, I don’t know how Rob can fuck her hard without thinking he’s gonna break her. She was just so awkward and shy, but also somehow really cool and calm. The poor thing was just so tired and still jet lagged, you could just see it. She’d been doing press the whole day before the premiere. She’s changed into sneakers before coming up to us and a couple of people seeing the movie that had also already seen Kristen came past us saying that she was just really lethargic and so tired, and not to get all worked up if she doesn’t take any pics with anybody but were those bitches wrong. Kristen took her time with everybody, signing and taking pictures with everybody. After she pasted me and went down to others, I just broke down. I was crying and my mother kept asking me what she said and I couldn’t even remember my own name! It just seemed like a dream to me. I was just hugging my mother while I cried my heart out and then saw Chris walking towards us and then just snapped out of it.

Chris, my god. He is so damn handsome. He had he’s hair tied up and he’s shirt buttons were open and it was just a hnnng. He came up to me and I asked him to sign my phone cover and he was like ‘Yeah, sure’ He was touching my hand as he signed, he took his fucking time and slowly signed it while I was hyperventilating. We took a picture and were talking to, what we think was he’s publicist and we were all complaining about our feet hurting and she told us her’s were hurting too then we told her we’d been there for 9 hours and she was just like ‘9 HOURS?!’ and then tapped Chris and screamed at him that we’d been here for 9 hours and he just smiled while signing for others. Then we told him we’d been her for 9 hours hours and he said that same ‘9 HOURS? ARE YOU CRAZY?’ I’m sure Kristen said something when she we told her but I really wasn’t listening, I was just staring at the impossible beauty standing in front of me. After they left we ran to the cinema were SWATH was screening while tears poured down my face and I was screaming at my mother that I wanted to be an actress and make movies for people to enjoy just like Kristen. It was weird bc afterwards while we were waiting for them in the cinema I felt I could have just stood there for hours talking to Kristen. Just like the girls I’d met, they’d said that I reminded them of Kristen and that they srsly thought I was 18 years old when I’m only 14 man. But I srsly had an awesome time and my crazy ass mother stole one of the huge ass card board poster of Kristen.

I cbf reading over this so I’m sorry for any spelling errors or if nothing makes sense. If you have any questions, I’m more than happy to answer. I’ve probably left heaps of shit out. But thanks for reading.

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