fake movie posters; kristen/robert - Cali - requested by anonymous
Lovers Mya (Stewart) and Chris (Pattinson) decide to return to Los Angeles to save her sister from a group of unsavory characters — years after Mya disappeared with the cash she took from the production of a fake snuff film.

fake movie posters; jack/rob - requested by oh-stewart
Liam (Pattinson) is losing money day by day, working a dead end job. He needs a change and Patrick (Nicholson) can give him that. Patrick is a multimillionaire that owns one of the biggest Casinos in Las Vegas. Patrick purposes a business proposition to Liam where he needs to get a team together and rob the 3 other biggest Casinos in Vegas so that more money will come rolling into his Casino but could one little mistake by Liam cause everything he’s every wanted to become more out of reach? - Play the Cards Right

fake movie posters; kristen/jennifer - request by stewarter
Andy (Stewart) and Victoria (Lawrence) find out after their father’s death that their father they grew up with isn’t their biological father and set out to find the man that helped bring them into this world but what they go looking for is not what they had in mind. Their father is a CEO of a well known company all over the world and wants nothing to do with Andy or Victoria but they won’t give up without a fight. Heartbreak and misery is what it’s all about, their father never wanted them all those years ago… Why would he want them now? - Father Lost

fake movie posters; amanda/rob - requested by anonymous
Jackson (Pattinson) and Emily (Seyfried) were childhood friends. They planned to be famous together, move to Los Angeles and become worldwide know actors but everything change at the age of 18. Right after graduation, Jackson’s dad dies in a car accident caused by his little sister. Emily and Jackson’s plans were after graduation to fly to L.A, find an apartment and start the rest of there lives together but Jackson couldn’t leave his mother and sister now… Not with his Dad gone. Jackson forces Emily to go on without him, as much as it kills him to see her go without him he knows it’s for the best. They keep in touch but as the years go on the phone calls and emails slowly start to disappear as Emily raises to fame. 8 long years of Jackson endlessly watching Emily on tv shows and in movies and all over the newspapers he finally pushes his feels aside for her, right in time for Emily to show up on his doorstep. Will Jackson welcome her back with open arms or will he shut her out of his life forever? - Shaken

fake movie posters; kristen/rob - requested by anonymous
Lucas (Pattinson) is a wealthy billionaire living the good life. Always getting what he wants and never thinking twice. Until one day he and his friends decided to go have a little fun at a strip joint and meets Connie (Stewart). As soon as he entered the bar, he never once took his eyes off the beauty dancing up on the stage. He thrives to know more about her. Lucas soon learns that Connie is being abused after every show and he takes her and runs away. Lucas just wants to make her life right again and make her happy but is there something else there? - Somewhere Like Home

fake movie posters; emma/rob - requested by robsessed-paddicted
Lizzy (Stone) is a small town girl, fresh out of school and disparately seeking a job. Jason (Pattinson) is a horse wrangler on the outskirts of town, with no friends or family. He lives alone, day by day hating the world and everything in it. One day Lizzy stumbles across his farm, and like the curious girl she is, wonders into the place. Jason comes finds her fooling around in his burn and crudely tries to shoo her away but Liz won’t have any of that. She sees he’s short staffed and begs for a job on his ranch, after a couple of no’s, Jason finally gives in. Lizzy shows him the light and funny side to the world, nobody ever touched him the way that she did and all he can think about now is if he has finally found ‘the one’. - Cry Me A River