“She’s actively unpretentious. She is kind of in a system that is doing everything in its power to make her arrogant and overly guarded. And she fights against that, to her credit. She couldn’t be more accessible and socially generous and caring of and interested in other people. She’s easy to have a rapport with because her first priority is not her own vanity or reputation.”

— Jesse Eisenberg about Kristen Stewart (via heartkbitch)

Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg teaming up for another movie called ‘American Ultra’ again next year. (x)

“A lot of people say ‘oh my god it was so great, we had such a great time, we’re all gonna stay in touch…’ but I seriously think we’re gonna stay in touch.” - Andrew Garfield

Dakota and Jesse take a break from filming Night Moves

Jesse Eisenberg out in NYC | November 26, 2012

I care about Jesse deeply and I cared about him as soon as I met him, because he just looked so fragile and vulnerable and as soon as you get to know him a little bit, you admire him greatly in his brilliance.