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violetsouls said: Tell me about the first time you saw Twilight. :D This bitch is curious.

Well, I first watched Twilight in 2009. It might come as a bit of a shock but before I fucking hated it. All my friends did was talk about these vampire and the how hot everybody was and they talk about the book and compare there thoughts and the whole time I was just like wtf, there just vampires get the fuck over it.

But I was ever so slowly sucked in. Every single day I was becoming more and more obsessed with this movie that I hadn’t even seen it. I went home watching bits and pieces of the movie in Italian on youtube. Yes, fucking Italian okay, I was desperate. So one day a friend lent me her DVD of Twilight and I was fucking excited to get home man. I remember the day as if it was just yesterday.

From the minute the movie started I was glued to the TV. Keeping in mind I had no idea what Rob and Kristen looked like. I don’t think I was really dragged in until Edward Cullen walked into the fucking cafeteria and I screamed something along the lines of ‘Hello you sexy beast' and that's when I knew Robert Fucking Pattinson was the only man for me. I remember screaming internally through most of the movie, it was the best shit I had ever seen in my life. I think I cried at the end… I can't really remember but I was emotional. The first killed legit killed me, it was the sexiest shit I had ever seen. The sexual tension between them two was fucking insane and I loved ever bit of it. The baseball scene till this day still is my favorite scene throughout all of the movies followed by Bella meeting the Cullens.

That night I believe watched it 7 times, and to this day I could not tell you how many times I’ve seen but what I can tell you is you’d never want to watch it with me. I’d quote about every fucking line into your ear like I did with my friend when we went to see New Moon.

That weekend I brought all of the books, yes all 4 and each book only took me about a week to finish and then just kept reading them over and over and over. I’ve cried every time reading NM, I know - I’m such a sap I really don’t remember my life before Twilight and I don’t think I can imagine my life without it now. Twilight has made me the person I am today.

I have to tell you though, none of the movies have ever matched up to the books, I was so fucking disappointed after reading Twilight, there was so much that they had left out and it killed me imagine what it would have been like if they had put those parts in. Still love the movies with all of my heart, don’t get me wrong.