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Anonymous said: how do you save urls?
  1. On the side of your dashboard, where the link to your tumblr is, press the bottom that looks like this (might be hard to find on some dashboard with light backgrounds but it’s there)
  2. After you’ve clicked on that, something like this will pop up under your blog and title and click on it.
  3. It will then lead you to a page that looks like this - it’s fairly simple after than, just put in the title and url you desire and then press ‘create blog' at the bottom left hand corner and your done!
  4. After that it should redirect to the feed of that blog which should look smth like this.
  5. And know that your done, it’s yours forever to keep and brag about it to others that you saved that blog name before them lol. And if you follow step 1 again, you can find what urls your saved.        
Anonymous said: how the fack did you do that fill for your followers thing, when i press reblogg it doesn't come out properly??


  1. image
  2. image
Anonymous said: where'd you past your snow effect? and maybe paste it too? or a link? omg im so sorry

just put this code after <body> in the HTML and done, snow falling.

Anonymous said: how do i change my icon from the new tumblr right now??
  1. At the top of your dashboard click on this symbol.
  2. It should lead you to a page like this and then just click on your tumblr page title here where mine is.
  3. A like page this will pop up with all your settings, just click the 'change avatar' button under your page title and it should open a window with all your files so you can choose the icon you want. Then just click 'save' and the page will reload with your new icon! 

Hoped this helped, don’t want the long ass way? just go to blog name here)/settings and it’ll lead you straight to the icon changing page :)

Anonymous said: how do you sharping using timeline in cs5 ?

Just click on the frames one by one then go to Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen


My life has become, like, 87 times easier ever since I learned that you can take the two numbers and the dot off of the url of a picture and it won’t be a grey box anymore.

Anonymous said: how do you change the top of your tumblr? i mean like you have, "leave you in the summertime" written on the top of your page. how do you do that?

Go into the customize page and next to ‘Title' just type in what you want it to say.

Then just save and like magic, it appears. You might have to refresh a few times for it to work.

Anonymous said: what textures did you use here? thanks /post/24882643632

I used this, this, this and this one.

Anonymous said: hey what brush have you used in you last kristen graphics thanks!

I used one of these.

How to make templates! Some information on Tumblr photosets.

Anonymous said: can you help me with this? i(.)imgur(.)com/jEHgO(.)png

You need to make sure that the Topaz Clean Plug-In is in the actual ‘Plug-In’ Photoshop file. I found that it wasn’t so just copy and paste into the Plug-In file. You might need to make a new file under the Plug-In file and it should work.

Anonymous said: do you know how can i write with little font at my photoset

All you gotta do is adjust the front size to a smaller size.

Anonymous said: post/21577594203/fake-movie-posters-amanda-rob-requested-by how you made the credit write?

I used this one.

Anonymous said: what texture do you use in your 'fake movie poster' edit?

In the last edit I only used this texture.