I: What percentage of evil do you think you are?
R: I mean, I used to think it was more—around 40. I think I was overestimating. I think it’s more like 3, which is very disappointing.

Adventureland (2009)

"I’m really high but… I don’t want to lose you.”

Hiding under the covers
With no one else to blame

Across to Mississippi, across to Tennessee
Across the Niagara, home I’ll never be
Home in ol’ Medora, home in Ol’ Truckee
Apalachicola, home I’ll never be

Touch the fullness of her breast,
Feel the love of her caress
She will be your living end.

"He’s British, he’s tall, he always looks like he’s thinking about something . And he’s quite witty. So he’s pretty sexy." - Kristen Stewart